Disclaimer, release of liability, release of rights to content page

  • I understand that this sport is really dangerous and many things could happen while on the water and I will not in any way hold Nationwide Bassmania responsible for any unfortunate event may it arise at any time whatever it may be and whatever the circumstances may be.
  • I understand that death, paralysis, and very bad injuries are possible and I will not in any way hold Nationwide Bassmania responsible at any time for whatever it may be and whatever the circumstances may be.
  • Nationwide Bassmania is not responsible for any loss or damage to property or equipment
  • In the event of an accident or catastrophic event, I understand that Nationwide Bassmania will not be held responsible at any time, anglers will compete at their own risk and proceed with diligence and caution while doing so will ensure a safer surrounding and therefore reducing the risk to any injuries significantly.
  • I understand that it’s my own responsibility to monitor weather and water conditions during my participation and assume full responsibility to remove myself from any hazard that may arise.
  • I understand that all video/pictures/names content submitted to Nationwide Bassmania and Nationwide Walleyemania will become the property of Nationwide Bassmania or Nationwide Walleyemania all rights to the content will be turned over to Nationwide Bassmania or Nationwide Walleyemania.
  • I understand that my name may be used at any time by Nationwide Bassmania and at no point one would be eligible for royalties
  • Your name will only be used to identify you in a video where you won in the top 10 and your video/pictures are uploaded on youtube/Facebook/Instagram and any social media network or for any marketing reasons.
  • The top 10 will have to send their video/pic to the tournament director for validation and authorization ( that means the top 10 will get paid for their content ) with the prize pool money.  (Once approved)
  • These videos will be uploaded on youtube weekly to promote the company and your sponsors plus you get to document your personal best catch and show off to the world. Be the one who catches the biggest bass Nationally in that particular week.
  • I understand by signing this waiver covers the entire ( Nationwide Bassmania ) ( Nationwide Walleyemania )2023 season of events, and I understand also that this waiver is a release of liability and a release of rights to the content in one document and by signing it confirms that I fully understand and have full consent with every matter discussed.