Values goals and vision of the company

This company was created on a single thought, the thought that a whole nation would be open for competition creating the biggest tournament by volume in the history of bass/walleye fishing. 

The potential for success is unbelievable from one end of Canada to the other end of the United States the potential for big fat bass/walleye is incredible. From one hotspot to another hotspot one could compete in a whole new way. The idea is to keep a very low price buy-in and membership.  To perform weekly two day events in one buy-in.  For the bass fishing division Canada will compete againt Canada with CAD prize pool and USA will compete against USA with USD prize pool.  

The Walleye division anglers will compete internationally and prize pool will be in USD. Fish from anywhere legal by law in the designated division (lake, rivers, pond, shore, icefishing) this format was created to let any anglers at any level compete for life changing money, that one great big bass / walleye we’re all dreaming about. 

From soft water to hard water events will be modified accordingly as long as the fish species are in season we’re gonna have some event for you to compete in. This format could be used as a side pot to any tournament your fishing, going to your cottage, prefishing for tournament or even as a single option for one to chase the biggest bass of their life across the country. Always be in control of where you want to fish and fish your strength and your favorite hog spots.